Who is the Original Black Barbie

img_0053Hello viewers, this is BLKBRB age 22, and currently a public relations student at Durham College. I will be sharing with you my personal journey in life and you will see me evolve into something or that somebody I’m “suppose to be”, whatever that is.

I am currently enrolled in a program that best suited my personality and future goals, not because I’m a great writer (obviously not). I am glad however I am closing this chapter of my life very soon and learned more than I expected. My hobbies includes taking photos of street art, delicious food, and anything extravagant. I am also a full-time yogi, part-time hairstylist and part time bartender. Basically I am Jill of all trades.

By now your probably wondering what does BLKBRB stand for? Have no fear the curiosity ends here. It happens to stand for Black Barbie I know not black be right back . Funny story in grade school I had to create a licence plate that best suited my personality and it stuck with me ever since. Chic, brave and black, yes that’s me the original Black Barbie. I am full of surprises you’ll never know what I’m doing next. Stick around, read about my experiences, take back some tips and enjoy the ride. Hopefully one day we cross paths and have a chapter to talk about together.

PR Girl living in a PR world,


2 thoughts on “Who is the Original Black Barbie”

  1. That’s too funny how you came up with BLKBRB in elementary school. In elementary school my license plate would have probably been, JONASLUVR or something haha. You’re way more creative.


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